I dyed by mistake....

Im feeling terrible low today, Mr Fairysteps is away and that always makes me sad. To attempt a cheering up I finally did some dyeing on a project I have been planning for simply ages. Many, many years ago, about 22 to be precise I made a present for Mr Fairysteps when we were still courting. I didnt earn very much money at the time so buying pure wool for an aran jumper was quite a big investment. I used a pattern from one of my favourite knitting books. "The traditional sweater book", by Madeline Weston. Its still possible to get secondhand copies on http://www.amazon.co.uk/ and I highly recommend it.
I bought my copy when I was 16 years old on the first year of its publication and unlike many of the knitting books from the 1980's it hasnt dated at all. The patterns are all based on traditional and vintage originals so I suppose that speaks for itself. The one I used had a beautiful chevron cable which was very easy to knit. It was an enormous jumper come finish with arms that would fit an orangutan. The pattern is quite cropped and as Mr FS is a 6' 4" giant the jumper always rode up at the back and left a draughty gap. I didnt have enough wool to lengthen it so it remained unworn for 21 years gathering the dusts of time.
Last year I decided to pull it out and have a go at dyeing it. I used Ashford dyes making a rainbow dye pot. This is how it came out.
This was when I was still unaware that any bright colours, especially purple and blue looked revolting on me! It looked like I had lunged at a Rainbow and squished it flat, getting rainbow juice all over my jumper.... I unpicked about 10" off of each sleeve and re cast off the cuffs. I used the spare unravelled wool to make myself a beret. The colours once reknitted were amazing, just like a handspun in their variations.
Sooooo the courting jumper sat in the cupboard for another year... Untill about a week ago when I started unpicking all of the seams and the neckline to leave me a front, a back and two sleeves ready to redye.

I dyed the front and the back together with a Dylon dye, one of those little round magic pots we all love, Havana Brown. As I type they are drying on the Rayburn front rail, after their simmering, cooling, rinsing, spinning adventure. The colours look interesting so far! Lots of russety colours and a few dark, dark damsons. If they are dry enough I may start unravelling tonight. Im very excited about this because I dont want to loose this wool (it holds memories), and I want to make something wearable and special with it. A fitted cardigan for the winter.

I threw in the beret I made last year to tone it down a smidge.

Pictures as soon as its dry!!!
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