Hopping up and down in pointy shoes...

I have been a very busy Fairy Shoemaker over the past few days....... I felt an incredibly strong sense of 'fairyness' wash over me and its inspired me to somehow see a little more clearly!!!! The website has gone through soooooo many changes while I have searched for that certain fairy feeling.... and not found it. I have been using other peoples graphics, and although lovely, they just havent embodied fairysteps. So I made my own in the end. The whole look reminds me of the woods, and ultimately home. Perfect combination! And O my, what have I made here........ fairy shoes, complete with pointy toes, called JINX So many requests over the years for proper pointed fairy shoes and I could never quite get my little shoemakers brain around making them, but (and this is where the inspiration bit comes in) it just popped into my head yesterday.

The bronze leather pair at the top were the protypes, I havent taken them off since! By jingo they are comfortable. The 'Ive got it sorted' pair are made in damask rose nubuck leather.

Ive seeon oodles of homemade elf, fancy dress shoes on the internet and they are all wonderful but they lack durable soling. People obviously want pointy toed shoes? Ive heard of lots of Elven themed weddings where people have struggled to find suitably matching shoes.... I may have hit on the answer!

These fairy shoes have grippy rubber soles and can be safely worn outside, plus because the uppers are all leather they will wear for years (keep polishing though). The soling can easily be added to when neccessary by a cobbler, so they could last for a very long time! I have decided to not shape this style as it sort of adds to the wrinkly fairy appeal, plus they will then mould to customers own feet. I can make standard lengths for stock.

After a summer of fairy festivals...... who wants to throw them in a cupboard? Ive put some little holes in the backs so you can hang them up and remember all of those fairy memories when you see them. Each pair will come supplied with a leather lace for hanging.

And so the very last thing I have to ask everyone is...... What do you think????

Feedback would be much appreciated before I start mass producing them.......!!

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