Home is where the heart is... Part 3

So back to the kitchen then... Two rooms into one, with a small bedroom, there at the end, turned into a Pantry with a new doorway to access it from the kitchen. You can see from this image, the old kitchen had one front window, and the room next door had two windows. Now the new kitchen has all three of them. Wonderful light! Its North facing which I love best of all. Morning sunrise and also Moonlight. Bliss.
What a difference its made. Same wall (albeit rather closer in this shot). I moved my lovely old pine dresser top here to replace the cup shelf, and also my dusty clutter of cooking utensils. Many of which were never used and caused a predictable avalanche every time you tried finding the one you actually wanted... This part of the room is dedicated to the 'Altar of Toast' now.
Cardboard central... We widened the old bedroom doorway here to make a wider opening through to the new sitting room. We had toyed with removing the whole wall and have the rooms wrap around the chimney, but... walls are useful and a little division betwixt rooms is useful I think. It also bounces back light onto the table. Rather a nice place to sit and watch the birds or the clouds. First image is the finished one, middle during, last prior to plastering.
A few of my favourite bits in the kitchen. A utensil drawer. I have 3 of these :) talk about organised. Stainless steel sink instead of my old butler sink which was in fact a feeding trough... and looked like it too. O my goodness, washing up is a breeze! I didn't want a dishwasher. I had one many years ago for a couple of years and quite frankly I am not sure they save anytime. Washing up is quite nice really, warm hands and time to think. The dishwasher was always a manic smash and grab event loading and unloading and then rewashing all the bits that didn't clean properly. Plus, Im sure the chemical residue can't be good for your innards can it? I know lots of people love them and cant imagine life without one, but when it came to choosing between an extra set of drawers or a dishwasher I went for the storage. I did get a double drainer though and that was certainly worth it. It took 3 sinks to actually receive one which wasn't damaged but we got there in the end. Third time lucky.
Mr Faerysteps is flattening out the old copper water tank which he replaced a couple of months ago to make some sheet copper as a splash back behind the new hob. It will wrap around that pillar there. He also plans to cut some thick oak boards to pop in each window recess so that the worktop 'floats' right into the window.
Floor still needs painting again but that can wait for Spring. I did purchase an industrial sized tin of floor paint online. Im not kidding, it was 20 litres. What a disaster that was... I might has well of painted the blessed floor with treacle. After 2 weeks it was still practically pulling your slippers off every time you stood on it. I Was Not Happy. Luckily I only did the pantry and part of the sitting room. I had to go over it with another paint (touch dry in 1 hour) and put up with the patchy effect. I can repaint it again though when things are less busy and we can leave the floors for 24 hours.
Hooks went up for tea towels and aprons. Ive put a tea towel at each end of the kitchen because, compared to what we've been used to, its practically a car journey now from one end to the other.
The new trio of lights are in to replace my old strip light. I had bought three big black ones from Ikea, but on arrival they were each the size of a small planet and would have knocked out anyone tall who walked into them. Mr F didn't approve being a tall chap himself. I got these beauties from Amazon. All very muted colours, like the whole kitchen really. Lots of greys and woods tones, which I am rather drawn to now. My old kitchen was a carnival of colour by comparison. Bit like my wardrobe really, Im just not into it anymore.
I have some Enhet open shelves to go up at each end for my teapots and preserving jars with cooking ingredients in and then its pretty much done. Odd bits like wooden trim to finish, windowsills, floor, and lighting switch sockets all need changing to brushed steel ones. 
Am I pleased? O my goodness, YES. A thousand times yes. Would I recommend the new Ikea Enhet range, 100% yes. Next job is ordering more to install a similar kitchen in the cabin ;) 
Did you fall asleep at any point during the 3 part saga? If you did, then I cant blame you, if you did manage to stay awake then for heavens sakes have a lie down right away, you must be exhausted!
Speak soon, Ren x
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Loved hearing of your renovations; well done it must feel like heaven! Thank you for sharing; not bored at all.
PS: I received a Faery Step’s wallet and key-ring in my Christmas stocking, from different daughters with a promise that one day they will manage some boots. Aren’t I blessed to have such kind and generous daughters? Both love renovating their homes too!

Rosanna wakefield

Love Reading about your recent house revamp Ren. It is a turbulent journey for sure, full of upheaval and dust, but oh so worth the effort. Love your home, so cosy yet spacious. Looking forward to seeing the end result.


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