Home is where the heart is... Part 1

And so it began... 4th November and right up to Christmas Eve (and still there is a huge 'to do' list). What an exhausting, but fruitful 7 weeks we have had. So there's the old kitchen, rather small, but functional, just... having our youngest still living in the house and being an avid cook herself, it was proving a bit of a nightmare. We were having to cook in shifts as there was only one worktop space to use. All a bit fractious at times ;) you Know What I mean. Decided to share all the pictures, despite the fact that it evidently shows how little I actually cleaned my previous kitchen. Look at the trio of 'clean' patches left on that shelf that's propped up there at the side... the shame of it... its no excuse, but cripes it was a pain to keep clean. Full of nooks and crannies, over cluttered and just basically attracting every bit of fire ash, cobweb, dust and grease that the house wanted to throw at it. 
I decided that an Ikea kitchen was the best bet simply because I could order the whole lot online and have it delivered. Quite honestly I am surprised I have any hair left... but to be fair to Ikea, apart from a few delivery blips and me forgetting several items and having to place a million orders it was pretty plain sailing. The kitchen planner tool was fantastic and I can't recommend it highly enough. It really was as simple as measuring the room size and adding it to the tool, then slotting in units of various dimensions till it all fitted. Then they add it all to your basket! I ask you, what clever little nugget invented that tool? I would very much like to kiss them ;)
First job was to make a new room to be used as a Pantry. It was fantastic and proved absolutely the right thing doing this room first. It meant we had somewhere to make pots of tea for 7 weeks. Nothing else really matters apart from tea. If I don't have tea then I simply cannot function... I imagine its the same for you too.
This room is now waiting for 6 Enhet openwork shelves to be delivered. These are for tins etc which are currently in my larder over at the other end of the kitchen. I am spoilt rotten, I have a Larder and a Pantry now. That gap under the worktop is for my washing machine (currently in the scullery) and also my tumble drier (currently in the thread shed). Its going to be wonderful having them side by side in here. The freezer was previously clogging up the porch so that was wonderful to move, and the fridge sits alongside quite happily (not shown in this picture). My big pantry cupboard fits in nicely too. I keep all my dried goods in here. I don't shop so food storage is important to me living up here.
Previous shots, including some uncovered children's bedroom paint... what possessed me? My wool shelf was carefully emptied and has been temporarily re sited in the old sitting room.
The moment when we knocked through all 3 rooms, there's the new Pantry door at the end :) Gosh it was exciting. What a bloody mess though. Plaster dust is the pits. It gets everywhere. I swear I was eating it for weeks...
Continuing in Part 2 - Coming Soon. Ren x
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