Hettie... because I love mine so much

Meet HETTIE....

Made in Mulberry Pearl smooth leather she reminds me of the rich colours of a Spring crocus. Perfect at anytime of year. I havent made one for sooooo long and there she was waiting to be let out of the leather. I rather like this style of rounded handle. Its a terrible fidget to do, I have to sort of wrestle with Reggie (what an image... Reggie is the sewing machine) to stay in close to the curve of the handle. Some struggles are worth the effort though!

This bag has an exterior mobile pocket for the all important phone. I nearly always forget mine or the batteries flat....

And here she is in all her glory! You can find her on Dotty Spottle bags shelf of the Fairysteps shop here

And one last note... if I was to choose a pair of shoes to pair up with Hettie, it would be these plum Fingles, also in the shop. All I would need then would be a suitable tea dress, a cotton petticoat to peep out of the bottom, pink spotty stockings, my striped wool beret, a corsage (homemade of course) and a tea shop.

Im dreaming again.... back to work!

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