Hats... and blanket, etc

And I started the next blanket yesterday. Im using up a stash of wonderful viscose yarn, called vintage. I have several colours and its quite weighty... 

Im mixing them all up in giant granny squares and then edging and joining on the last round in a standard DK cotton in a wonderful soft neutral colour.

Plus a couple more ESME beret for the shop! I added a twirly whirly corsage on this one!

And pretty embroidery on this one with a contrast border. What fun!!!

And talking of shops... Im not happy with the flood of woollys in my Etsy shop. I just dont feel Etsy works like that, in fact I do believe that when people visit a shop they expect to see a particular item which sits nicely alongside the others in the shop. And Im not keen on all my leathergoods disappearing onto the second page... I know Im a fusspot!!

So I opened a second Fairysteps shop today, called...
and Ive had 2 sales already!!! Please do visit and show it a little love by hearting the shop if you like it! And the best bit is that I can knit a million hats a week now and flood the shop with them!

Im making a Christmas poster tomorrow, inspired by watching Victorian Farm Christmas on DVD yesterday evening while I tackled the new blanket. I will be blogging it...

Ren x
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