Hatchings and the Witches boots...

GATEKEEPER with a new silver star applique and punch work, deepest violet tops! Imagine them with long pointed toes... These are now available in the shop here: http://www.fairysteps.co.uk/product/gatekeeper-midnight-fairytale-boots

Heavenly KITTY in the new blue garden leather I posted about on the facebook page! So chuffed with how these turned out! Fiddly little so and so's to make, but well worth the effort! http://www.fairysteps.co.uk/product/custom-kitty-fairytale-shoes

And the Fairy Shoemaker currently has about 20 shoe orders all in various stages of making on her work table! Including this special request for some Moths on the MOONSHINE boot. What a job Ive had searching through my bookshelves for the perfect moth to copy! The boots are partly made and Ive worked the embroidery on the outer quarters so not long till you can see them!

And last but not least, I am having a little giveaway over on the Facebook page! This pretty DIMPLE purse is up for grabs. To enter head on over and share and comment on the post!

Last notes:
Still no internet... this is week 3 now and we have had no less than 6 BT engineers visit... they all find different faults and all leave saying they've fixed them. I am in danger of going even madder than I am already! I must drink more tea for my poor nerves! Fingers crossed they mend it soon! Ive missed my connection to the world...

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