Hair growing update / utter vanity...

So here I am... bold as brass! Why is my hair never brushed when I take a picture? I was asked by the lovely Jess to let you know how long its grown since the last update, so here I am. Silver streak is spreading, but because our water is very coppery it is in fact, going green. Thats fine, I quite like green, it makes me feel slightly mermaid-ish. The fact that I don't swim can be Glossed Over.
Whilst on a vanity streak I must say that just having hit 50 has made me Take Myself In Hand. I joined Slimming World back in June last Summer 2019 and my journey of discovery of both health and wellbeing continues. I am so happy I started and highly recommend it to anyone who feels theyve rather lost the plot. I adore food and cooking, but in latter years, especially without the whole litter living at home to cook for, I had fell out of love with cooking. Everything was becoming very much drudge, with my weight gradually creeping up each year, till last Winter when it drastically rose. Buttons were at breaking point, literally. Early Summer came and I was holding water like a good potting compost. Nothing fitted, Fridays weekly slog up the hill was feeling like a marathon and I was running out of new tent patterns to sew up into dresses that I could hide in... you get the picture ;)
I went to the group meetings for 3 weeks, but you know me, 99% recluse so that had to stop. Luckily you can transfer to online so that was perfect for me. It was hard at first re-learning a new way to think, shop, cook and eat. But its second nature now and I really don't even fancy half of what I used to crave over. Its forever though, I won't change away from food optimising now because I love all the recipes so much. Plus, I am not quite at target yet so the journey continues. Its a way of life to stay healthy as far as I can see and Im ever so grateful that those clever people at Slimming World wrote it all down for me and made it so easy.
I started at 13 st 1 lb - Current weight 10st 10 lb.
O look, hairs just washed again. But importantly, I have legs! Who knew. And a waist, which was  getting hidden under several rubber rings of tummy... Gosh I feel better. I even bought some Snag tights in various colours to wear with different skirts which I haven't worn for over 20 years.
Ive threatened my youngest that when I reach my target weight (10 lbs to go) I will be making some bright pink hot pants to wear next time she has friends visit ;) she has threatened to disown me if I do. 
But, hey, Im fifty now, its time to be reckless :)
Ren x
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