Gnome hunting.... didnt catch any.

This is a Gnome throne.... look... theres one behind it, peeping out!

These gnomes are very rude.... I had to avert my gaze (after I took the picture to show you all).

Ive told the tiddlywinks NEVER to converse with strange gnomes.... do they listen??? Here they were blatantly caught in the act.

We went on a birthday outing to the gnome reserve at Putford, Devon, complete with picnic and sunshine! It was wonderful!!! I wanted every gnome there but alas we just came home with 2. One big and a teeny handmade one, clutching a golden heart. It was made by the lady who started it all. She must have spent a long time with these jolly little fellows because I think she had the happiest face I have ever seen. She was a very clever artist too!

We finished the day at the seaside amidst pools of shimmering water and sand.

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