Glorious green.......

Here they are as promised.... a little bundle of green and blue treasures.
I especially love the red contrast with the grass green. Next batch will probably be either purple/blacks or browns. Firstly I must get a pile of ivy green pull up bags made.... Oh and an etsy request for a simple belt to go with the fairysteps belt bags, which I am ashamed to say is long overdue... ooops. Couldnt resist the poppy purse pile, and I was under strict orders remember......!
For now its back to cooking our dinner. Everyone helped a little bit... many hands make light work and all that jazz (my children hate that saying because I quote it to them... constantly, when I am conscripting help)! Its roast pork (our pigs), roast potatoes, stuffing, gravy, parsnips, peas, carrots, cabbage with caraway, yorkshire puddings....... enough to make you dribble just thinking about it!
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