Getting ready for a new start....

I have been doing lots of sitting down here.... and now Im getting all fidgety and ready to start on my plans... I love the new year for that feeling of new beginnings!
Christmas has been wonderful so far and Ive loved it all! But, Im not a sit around type of person and cant bear to be idle for very long (unless its bedtime, and even then I have trouble!).

Ive made lots of lists, both on paper and in my head. Ive been on the computer for the first time in a week, apart from little snippets at the end of each day. This is my first and only resolution for next year. To STAY OFF the goggle box, unless absolutely necessary. I dont think it does me any good, and it certainly takes away precious time which I absolutely do not have. Ive spent part of today sprucing up the shop ready for next year. The blog had a bit of the same treatment too. New colours, and a new layout. Ive pretty much got my head around how the new shoe collections will work and Ive ammended each item. These wont be available to order though until Ive cleared my current waiting list.

I worked out that to hold stock across 6 styles, in 4 sizes, in 5 colours I would have to make 96 pairs of shoes.... well thats not going to happen very quickly so the old thinking head (I keep a spare like Worzel Gummidge) went on, and I decided, well... actually Mr Fairysteps pointed out in no uncertain terms that it was madness to try!

Soooo.... still trying to avoid having a ridicuosly long waiting list Im going to offer the styles, colours and the sizes to order and then make them up as orders come in, hopefully keeping within a 6 week time frame. Seems do-able, but i wont know how do-able till I actually start doing it!! We shall see, and I am hopeful, always a good start for a new venture!

All that remains for me to say is that I hope everyone is enjoying Christmas and has a wonderful New Year! I shall be starting work properly once New year has passed. This is just as well because Mr Fairysteps is currently installing a bigger replacement Rayburn which will mean we will have a few radiators in the house for the first time in 20 years. The first is going in my workroom / studio so the floors are all up and its complete chaos in there. But this does mean I will be able to work without going blue and having to continuosly de-ice my nose.....
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