Getting chilly now...

Gosh, another busy week WISP booting :)

Plus, I used some of that heavenly polished conker leather to make some stock Esthers. Love these with the longer toe shape.

The weather turned decidedly nippier home here so more layers were called for. I always find it a toss up between warmth vs movement... thick wooly jumpers arent an option because I find I get caught up in everything Im working on else. Very frustrating constantly unhitching yourself from shoe parts :) O dear... the socks don't match...

Ive been very grateful for all the firewood Mr Fairysteps prepares for us now its colder. Nothing beats the joy of a real fire. But, warmth is the key and its a wonderful luxury to have a warm home. Parts of mine are very chilly, but some rooms are toasty and thats such a boost. This new stove (its second winter now) is really wonderful, so pleased with it. We had to chop it about to get the draw right, but theres no stopping it now.

We went on a rare treat to the pictures to see this. It was so good to dip back into the wizarding world again. Im so glad that J K Rowling has written this for us all.

A rather fuzzy image, but Jack and Winky have decided to share the same bed to snuggle up. Jack is NOT altogether happy with the arrangement, but Winky, like most cats, is 'above' such trifling considerations. 'His' drawer looks better than my drawer...

Booting continues apace, but I shall be shoeing this coming week to make sure my orders get sent out before the last Christmas posting dates. Back to boots once they are completed :)

Got these fab Moonshines listed in the polished conker. No words needed and they sold quite quickly.

So my dears, thats this week...

Plans for tomorrow are to finish a smock for my best friend. Well, its actually a mock up smock to get the sizing correct. I shall overdye this one and cut into the rather precious koi patterned linen once we have had a fitting. I can keep this one for messing about in. Im using an ikea furnishing cotton so its looking very much like a shower curtain at present. If wearing shower curtains catches on, then Im at the front of the queue

I may get some more logs up to the front porch too so I can save time next week.

Plus, if Im very good, first thing in the morning I shall make bread and mince pies as there a pot of clotted cream sadly sitting unattended in the fridge...

Happy weekend all,
Ren x
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