Flower garden blanket update...

I have now completed 9 flowers on my blanket!
This has proved to be a fun project and I am so glad I started it. Now that its growing though I am aware that the lack of colours for my flowers will prove a bit of a problem. With this in mind I spent £15 on extra wool this morning. So 5 more colours will be with me before the weekend hopefully. I bought 4 colours in Life DK, a nice wool mix which most of the blanket is made in. I chose colours that I have used in the past. Cardinal red, cranberry which is a sort of dark plum, wedgwood blue and a rose pink. These came from a website called Busy Fingers. I then ordered a Sirdar DK in primrose from another company. Alas this is not a wool blend, its pure Acrylic, but Ive just got to get some yellow in there! If only the flower centres were yellow. Im always going to regret that! The good news is that my pile of DK is going down and its good to turn it all into something useful.
36 flowers should be about the right size...
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