FLOLLOP hat... a new style by accident!

It all started with a jumper that wasnt really going anywhere very fast!

Having made the decision that I am far too young to start wearing beige, (even if it is the softest, finest organic Cornish wool) I pulled it from my needles! Ha ha, I said to myself! I can see a hat here... Popped it back on the needles and cast off. Stitched up the sides and top, sewed in my many ends neatly. Found some of the Merino yarn used for the stripes....

Tenderly lifted jam jar full of bestest pearl buttons down from the highest shelf, and selected 3 buttons...

Set too at making 3 little flowers with button centres to decorate one side.
And there you have it! The softest, prettiest hat for this winter! I should very much like to make another one!

Better get this blanket finished then...
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