Fires that warm body and soul

It occured to me yesterday how important fire is to my wellbeing. I dont think I am alone in feeling this. I think the need for fire is a basic instinct buried deep within us all.

Every time I light my shabby old much loved Rayburn, or the garden fire, or the sitting room woodburner I am transported beyond time. A place where countless million women before me were knelt before a pile of sticks lighting their own fires to either keep their family warm or to cook tummy sticking food on.

As a source of energy a fire does so much more than just produce heat. It literally warms body and soul. I feel fortunate that I count fire lighting as a daily activity, as not everyone can. Thank the stars that someone invented bonfire night so everyone across the country can get their fire fix!

Must go.... the kettles just coming to the boil.... time for tea.

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