Feeling blue.... new stock

Only kidding .... not really feeling blue! Just finished a batch of 'peacock' nubuck accessories which have all gone into the fairysteps online shop today!

I ressurected a little bag called ITSY BITSY which I havent made for simply ages so it was great fun making that one! Ive changed it slightly and added a elvish touch on the front with a big leaf applique to cover the magnet catch. It worked a treat!

I love designing and am rather naughty because I would make new styles every day if I could, but realistically if you run a business you need to offer repeats of customers favourites so I cant always indulge my whims. Thats fair enough though!

And here they are... boots for my love! Long overdue but I have been informed that they fit like a glove and he loves them! I designed them just for him, named DAPPER which sums them up beautifully. Arent they smarties! Poor thing has a streaming cold which I will no doubt catch over the next few days.... I did suggest that he could sleep in the shed, thus avoiding the spread of unwelcome germs. It didnt go down well........
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