Fairysteps Flickr group for fans...

Makes me sound like a popstar does'nt it!!!
Anyway... I was thinking... I send out all of these goodies across the globe and I never get to see what people do with them all. Sad isnt it... Then in a moment of enlightenment I thought to myself... Eureka! I need to put a little place on the internet where customers can post pictures.
Ive posted one picture on the group, which looks rather sad all by itself. It needs friends to keep it company. Any picture will do as long as it has a Fairysteps product in it! Styles are so personal and can be so diverse that it would be great fun to see how you all 'wear' your treasures!
Please join!

Last notes: A freshly hatched batch of PUCK fairy shoes will be added to the shop next week. I have 3 pairs in UK size 5. In Teal grained, Purple and Thyme Ecotan... having said that I am still waiting for a delivery of new velvet ribbons for lacing... fingers crossed they get here in time! The following batch will be a mixed lot in various browns, again all UK 5 in QUINCE, PUCK, QUEENIE. And after that its 3 pairs of MUSTARDSEEDS up for grabs! Again in UK 5.
I know there are heaps of UK 5 being made at the mo, BUT the amount of requests coming in for this size is unbelievable... maybe its all one person? Hope not, unless they have alot of feet!

Have a super weekend eveyone! Im off to Knighthayes tommorow for a Victorian weekend event.
Ren x
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