Fairy shoes from the last hatching...

MUSTARDSEED with oak leaf applique.... in Damson and chestnut nubuck with specially requested green velvet ribbons these boots are simply Perfect! Yes the capital P was needed then.

Ive picked just a few from the latest batch of November orders, sent off this morning bright and early! But you are only allowed a peep as they havent arrived at their matching feet yet.

The additional flower on the TITANIA was a last minute thing which the lovely A decided to go for! I shall offer them in future as an option on this style. I think it finishes them off a treat.

Very yummy QUINCE in ivy pull up with a chestnut contrast.

Last but not least PYRAMUS in holly and rust. Reminding us that Autumns leaves are still underfoot.

Bags and belts and boots and fairy shoes are all winging their way to new homes as I tippy tap away. I shall start Decembers orders this week and have everything tidied up in the Fairysteps shop for the 18th December when I shall be closing for Christmas till New Year. For us though Christmas is starting tommorow. We have agreed to have Christmas for everyday of the coming month, not just a few near the end.

I bought half a pound of clotted cream today ready for mass mince pie making tommorow, plus a big bottle of brandy for a cake making session. Such excitement, its hard to contain it all in one body!!!!!

Last note: The Moon (the Parish lamp) is shining like a silver penny and Jack Frost is outside......

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