Fairy shoes collection.... finished at last!

PYRAMUS woodland fairy shoe

PYRAMUS woodland fairy shoe
I love this shoe! It turned out even better than I could have dreamed of. Im even tempted to keep them for walking shoes to replace the holy tulips...... The damson tree colourway is pefect, but can you imagine these in browns and greens. Tree nymphs will be jealous!

THISBE fairy shoe

The plainest of all the fairy shoes. Mr Fairysteps wants a pair in this colour. This caramel grained nubuck will take on a stunning patina once polished.

Finally..... I have the collection sorted and all of the toe shapes showing on the fairysteps shop. I have to say my favourite is the Elven, but once I get a pair of boots made I may go for the fairy toe for extra outrageousness!!!!
The boots are next..... Moth, Peasebottom, Cobweb
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