Fairy shoes by candlelight.....

Have I introduced you to my little bureau?
It cost me £18 from the local dump and I love it!!!

Yesterday evening when the sky was dimpsy I had the urge to paint the fairy shoes that were floating around inside my head. My notebook is full of sketches and construction notes for them but there is nothing like a good painting! The first 3 styles have been made, PUCK and THISBY have yet to get off the page.

The painting does at least show the 3 toe shapes I intend to offer (subject to me actually experimenting and making sure they work!).
  • FAIRY - Long and pointy, the most extreme, because fairies spend most of their time on their wings not their feet!
  • ELVEN - Still pointed but much shorter, because Elves walk along way and are apt to burst into a run....
  • PIXIE - Shortest point offset, because pixies are always naughty and this whole shoe looks like someone naughty should be wearing it.....

So thats me sorted! Time to cook tea now and continue with shoe orders later, else I will never get these fairy shoes made, and I am desperate to!!!

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