Fairy shoemakers are a miserly lot....

Look at this shocking picture above.... I write this post in shame.... call myself a shoemaker????

Ive worn these poor old TULIPS shoes for over 5 years now and whilst the holes in the toe end do help with Summer ventilation its a poor show that I am wearing holey shoes to start with!
These were the prototype shoe of this style and I made them in a poorer quality leather. That coupled with non stop wearing (and I do mean non stop wearing.... I probably wear them at least once a day) has resulted in them being now holey.

Trouble is the footbed has moulded so well to the shape of my feet over the years and they are so comfortable that I cant bear to throw them out. I may have a go at embroidering a flower on the toe or something....

Fact is I really do need another pair, trouble is that everytime I make new ones in my size I feel guilty and put them in the shop!
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