Fabric washed and dyed and ready to go....

I was very naughty and bought 2 yards of each of these fabrics and a bargain bag of cotton lace...
I knew the colours would be horrible before they even arrived at fairysteps land... but I had plans! These included a teaspoon of coffee coloured machine dye and a washing line.

This particular fabric was so heavenly I couldnt bring myself to dye it! Plus WHEN I finally finish my red cardigan I feel they will fall in love, never to part....

After a happy hour sloshing about in magic washing machine, they appeared, muted and looking like something my great grandmother may have sewed with.

The white cotton (which I hated most, and had I worn it, I would have looked as if I had been freshly exhumed) turned into a soft pale sludge... I rather like the colour sludge, despite the name. It reminds me of weathered oak.

After tedious hours at the ironing board, we have a neat little pile of cotton lawn and lace all pressed and ready to go!
I have decided to make, and this will sound very silly so bear with me, 2 skirts in each fabric. A simple A line just below the knee, then with the leftover fabric from each length a second skirt, A line again but with a deep frill and lace edging. The plan is that I can wear them both together in the winter, the longer under one as a petticoat. And in the summer just one layer maybe. These will be nice all mixed up so I can go for loads of combinations too. I have plans for a long single button, yoked cardigan in a wonderful tweedyish type of golden oak colour. Its going to go a treat!!!
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