Everythings going green.....

Not me, Im still a greyish pink colour.... but the new stock is all green!

Particularly chuffed with this ESME belt made with a sage green nubuck, in the shop HERE.

A lovely little PIP in ivy green pull up, in the shop HERE.

And last but not least a LULA in the same colour! I had thought it was a skim, silly old me! Its HERE.

I shall have new fairy shoes and boots to show you very, very soon as the next batch is well underway! Its a slow old job making shoes, with the different stages needing time betwixt them so apologies for the wait!

LAST NOTE! I thought to myself, alas, no comments all week, how strange??? I then spotted a little not saying comment moderation..... they were all waiting for approval! Sorry for the delay everyone!

Its a fidget but I had to put comment moderation on because Ive been hit by spammers, big time! Does anyone know how to get around this so that I can just go in and delete the horrible comments from my dashboard???

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