ELDER in conker...

Just added to shop!

Can you blame anyone wanting this bundle of rich, earthy, buttery goodness!

Last notes:
  • Still battling with b****y cough. Its been a whole week now of a few hours sleep a night and coughing myself inside out. Ive lost half a stone this week! BUT never fear I will get better. Im on strict silence today.
  • Its raining heavily...
  • Im cutting new shoes today.
  • Current leathers on table are all very Autumnal shades. Berry, Toffee, Toffee Ripple (heaven), Jade... these are going to mix up rather nicely too.
  • Drafting a new purse pattern called MINNIE which will be a teeny version of MERRY.
  • Redrafting the SNAP wallet because its time for a revamp...
  • Drinking gallons of restorative tea to keep my fluids and spirits up!
Ren x
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