Dyeing knitwear to give it a new lease of life...

I did this a few days back but havent had time to post about it!
Good old Dylon dye. A tiny pot of SCARLET  add an ounce of salt, a big pan, a small pond in a dye pan and you can practically change anything in your wardrobe.
Here are the before and after pictures side by side. The mustard and blue colour did NOT suit me, but I have discovered that orange and dark plums do. I chose a scarlet red dye working on the principle that red and yellow = orange. I knitted this little waistcoat with a Fair Isle border in pure wool about 9 years ago now and couldnt bear to part with it. So I am extra chuffed that I rescued it.
I even threw in a cream skein of yarn and a yellow ball of wool to take up the leftover dye in the pot. The double knit wool is destined for a new vertically striped tea cosy in orange and green with red pom poms on top.

Last notes

  • I have a new crochet project to show you very soon, its all but complete.....

  • I have formulated a cunning plan on the shoe front to be able to offer shoes off the shelf in more styles but limited colours..... more on this as and when Ive sorted it all out. I have footwear orders to finish first!

  • Im feeling on the mend!
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