DRIPS even though its dry...

Ive had such a busy week!
Its been rather non stop, physically and mentally... you know the type!
Rather glad its Friday actually...
But I have rallied enough to add these little treasures to stock. You can find them in the Fairysteps shop here

So what on earth have I been up to this week?
How long have you got?

  • I made a batch of rather lovely shoes and boots. They will have their finishing touchs added over the weekend ready to send out on Monday afternoon. 3 pairs will be added to stock. A new style called MEGGIE in a UK 7 and QUINCE in UK 5.

  • I sorted and fondled new leather, including the new EcoTan leathers. Smitten... but I am easily led when it comes to leather...

  • I successfully AVOIDED doing any cleaning / mucking out of the house all week. It looms ahead for the weekend coming. Must borrow the dung fork from Middlest.

  • Bunting WILL be made this weekend to hang on the Rowan tree in the garden where the party will take place.

  • I will endevour to tidy the dining room shelves and find the table top should rain be on the menu.

  • I must get this new boot style out of my head that Ive designed for the new stock updates. Shes called MILLIE and is a bit of a Victorian misfit... I can see her in my minds eye. Bit of a couture boot really, all lace, silk roses and velvet trims. And part of me is thinking, totally impractical for rambly walks, and the other extrovert bit (the big bit really...) sayes totally practical because its just going to be perfection with every item of clothing I can think I would ever want to wear. And the reason for all of this mental activity is the stopping of the bespoke items on the website. Its opened floodgates in my mind that I had to keep tightly shut for a while. Its good to open it up again!

  • I finally got my head around the whole stock update business with shoes and have a plan that will, I hope, work well. Ive chosen my favourite styles to keep repeating, which in time will mean regular stock in all sizes in a variety of colours. Most probably the EcoTan leathers. Ive set up a COLLECTIONS page on the website for this.

  • Little HOOT has flown the orange box! Yes, nest sounds better, but she dropped out of that 2 weeks ago, so orange box it is. I am so happy both for her and her Mother who remained so loyal.

And to end on something very special indeed... Littlest brought me this very little beauty. A green, in every sense, cone from a tree at the edge of the Meadow. It stands less than an inch high but is perfectly formed in everyway possible. I want to live in its greeness, build rooms at the base of every succulent scale and take tea every morning on the topmost layer...

Nature is so clever...
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