DIMPLE sounded better!

Ive just popped these in the shop HERE!

I know I was going to call this style Olivia but as I fondled one this morning just before putting it into its protective cellaphane sleeve/coat the name just didnt feel right. Dimple came into my mind and it wouldnt go away.... so there we go! Renamed, aptly I think. I shall make more of these beauties because they really are rather special.

Im having trouble getting dowelling to make my sticks for the new poppy hairslides. I had thought of traipsing the woods for Dogwood (nice and straight) but its only the sapwood that would be thin enough and sadly not strong enough. I remember when I had long hair (its growing.....) I would really prod and bend, poke and push my hair slide stick, making sure I had it fixed to enough scalp to stay in. Just joking about the scalp bit, but anyone who uses these will know what I mean. The sticks need to be strong!

Im going to stain them too Ive decided.

So there we go! Hopefully the sticks will be sorted very soon and the lovely Poppy slides will be in the shop.

I have a couple of BIRCH rag tags nearly ready for the shop and a green and orange TIPPET.

Back to work like a good little shoemaker I go...

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