Diddy... number four lamb...

Just a quick share (Im super busy) of the latest Lamb. Meet Diddy...
He came about 3 days ago now. I have never seen such a tiny lamb. He was the last to be born of quadruplets and the mother didnt want him (meany...) but Littlest snaffled him and brought him home to me!
The cup he is next to is a rather small mug to illustrate how teeny he is. When he lays down in a bundle he is about 9" long! We bought a baby bottle and teat because his mouth is far too tiny for standard lamb teats. Ive been feeding him about 1 ounce every 2 hours and he is getting better at sucking now. He smothers me with soggy lamb kisses as he tries to get milk out of my nose, chin or anything else that looks hopeful while he waits for the bottle!

Boy, is he hard work! But worth it! I think he is going to be in the kitchen for a good while yet. 
We now have 4 lambs in Fairysteps land.
Freddie - Dobby (enormous ears) - Albert - Diddy.

Happy Easter to you all!

Ren x
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