Did I mention the hair?

No ones interested really but Im going to write about it anyway...

How long is it since 'the perm'? About 3 weeks maybe.

Things arent going well up top, decidedly bad actually... Instead of the stampede of sleek catipillars that my curls initially resembled, I now have holidaying slugs wearing jumpers up there. It looks good for 1 day after washing and then is dull, lifeless and grim. My poor scalp looks like Siberia and is itching like theres no tommorow. Plus to top it all Im thinking to myself why on earth did I go for all this chemical treatment malarky anyway, and I should have given the money to Unicef. Its all totally depressing and Im shaving my head tommorow...

Just joking, Im doing it tonight.

Nearly had you there didnt I! I HAVE left a message on the nice home hairdresser ladies answer phone though begging for an appointment, and I AM getting as much cut off as possible, and I AM never laughing at Mother nature again.

Its been sort of weird because since its been 'done', everytime I catch a glimpse of my reflection in a mirror or a window, I see someone I dont know and its becoming unsettling in an unsettling kind of way...

Like the wise Oscar Wilde quote, "Be yourself, everyone else is taken".
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