Deco wrap dress in magenta

Yes, its more plundered stock! Ive enjoyed my green deco dress so much that I had to have the Magenta version too! Ive even snaffled a chocolate brown laced trim cardi from stock too. I just know I will wear it to bits! All together the whole outfit looks wonderful me thinks.
So today Ive changed colour. From green and brown to plum, deep pink and brown. I think I might need to knit a deep plum beret now.....

Last notes:
  • I will continue with my first sleeve tonight and must aim to get onto the second before the end of the weekend. I NEED this cardigan soooooo much! Ive done some rather clever shaping by adding darts which I hope will work!

  • My workroom / studio needs sweeping and tidying up after the last shoe batch, thats the first job in a minute.

  • Then I am sewing up a pile of bags which I have cut and waiting.... this includes a few new stock items. A CLEMMIE  in distressed grey pull up leather and several distressed deep pink offerings, O and nearly forgot, deepest holly green.... watch this space for updates!

  • And lastly today... well now, I think there wont be anymore time for a lastly!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
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