Custom listings for shoes... the show case...

Well there we go... Ive changed my mind again... What a fickle creature I am...
Having been manically cutting shoes left right and centre, I decided that actually I would probably be working less if I just opened up the custom items for a set amount of spaces. And... in my new Big Cartel shop I can actually do this. Before I couldnt do this, so I tended to get flooded with orders. Then after the flooding would be the flustering, then the flolloping... Goodness!!! What a vision!

Well lets try again shall we. Ive chosen styles that are my best sellers and also my favourites to make. The beaming from ear to ear when Ive finished them type of thing.

I shall be opening the custom items on: 

1st October 2011 at teatime, 5 oclock G.M.T

The collection is shown above but you can also see the custom items on the website here.

Phone line is still broken and I have no internet connection (Im at my best friends, gatecrashing her connection). Its awful, not visiting my friend but the lack of connection!

Ren x
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