Cushlas blanket

Just finished and I am thrilled to bits with it! This was made as a present for a soon to be expected baby so I did have a time limit on this creation. Not a bad thing though because it really does make you push yourself towards completion. Its so lovely I want to make another..... and another!

I used the most wonderful wool and silk mix, spun in a heritage site water powered mill in Lanarkshire. The colours are so natural. Especially chuffed with the terracotta blend, it just lifts the other colours to another level. I have a little stash left of these colours and fancy something for winter, so Ive gone straight onto designing a sleeveless pullyover for myself based around two giant granny squares. Granny squares are so quick thats its taken me next to no time to make the front and back so far. I shall join the sides with straight crocheted rows of trebles and make teeny granny squares for the shoulder straps. Watch the blog for the finished picture on completion. The sun is shining but there is a hint of Autumn in the air today. I love this time of year. My home seems to be a mass of either flying or walking teeth so the Winter is especially nice! No gnats and no wood ants. Its even possible to stand still and wonder at the beauty of the woods without being eaten alive! Lets face it though, if you are involved in anything remotely woolly, cold weather is the absolutely best excuse to be sitting knitting.... !
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