Cushion to blanket...

Im afraid to say that I unpicked the cushions and decided on reflection that a blanket would be more useful. Also I do feel that the puff stitch will not wear well and will be inclined to catch and pull. Cushions are very 'throw about' and 'squish and squash' sort of objects so they will get a battering.

But all is not lost!
I joined them with the lovely bright pink with a crocheted join up down the centre of the two panels and 5 rows in all of trebles. I am now mimicking this 5 rows of pink around the outer edge. Next will be a complete round of apple green cluster stitch, then onto ivory trebles to reach the size I want the finished blanket to be. Final row has to be picot edge stitch OR scallops.

Should'nt be long now!
Ren x
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