Current Creative Update...

I am currently working on the following...

2 more POD rag tags in softest caramel.
Daphne button in Lapiz EcoTan.
3 POP purses in Lapiz EcoTan.
Rag tag POD in Damson grainy and a contrast which I havent cut yet!
DRIP pouch in Lapiz EcoTan.
A pile of wild wooder and rag tag cuffs in various colours.
1 NIMBY collar in softest caramel.
BIRCH in Lapiz EcoTan.
PUCK pixie shoes in UK 5 & UK 6 in green.

See... Im keeping busy!
p.s. I shall keep posting these Creative Updates in future to make sure that everyone knows what treasures are in the making. Helping you to all get comfortably on the starting line, fingers poised over your mouses... ready to snaffle them up...

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, looks like the sun will be shining!
Ren x
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