Cough rehabilitation corner...

I didnt get a wink of sleep last night so I had a day off work for some wallowing 'Cripes I feel grotty' time... This is where it took place...

I had all the essentials that a poorly wool obsessed woman would need...
I am so close to finishing the Dolly Mixture blanket and itching to start the next project. Although I do think that finishing some already started ones may be a better idea.

Projects currently on the go are as follows in order of importance (this is the bit where I frighten / depress myself at how much Ive started at once)...

Long cabled cardigan in pure wool swaledale for Littlest - Back completed, but does it still fit?
Brown Sparrow cardigan in Ethical twist, Camel and Lincoln green for me - Back completed.
LOVE blanket in double knit random - 1/6 th completed.
2 new scarves for the shop - completed but without buttons.
Jacobs wool chunky jacket for winter for me - Back completed.
There seems to be a trend here of finishing the back and then... well, then just finishing... maybe I could stitch all the backs together...
Tippet in arctic white called Snow Queen for the shop - half made.

O dear me! Better stop blogging and get knitting I think!
How many projects have you started???? Go on, make me feel better!

Ren x
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