Clemmie in wild oak, finished!

Another order all done and dusted today!
I tend to have many orders all on the go at the same time so there is always a glut of finished orders! A new batch of shoe orders will be all but complete tomorrow... ready for their ribbons and finishing touches.

And another rather big change... Fairysteps will most probably be moving from Big Cartel soon.  I shall stay on with the shop there with only a very limited presence. Once Ive downgraded the free account allows 5 items so I will leave 5 of my most popular styles up for sale and then jump ship! The domain will be redirected to the new website at: 

And the new website has everything there! Including a customer gallery of your photos! A window to the shop over on Etsy, and all the usual website type of stuff! I dipped my toe into this same scenario last February and loved the whole experience of selling among other makers worldwide. Since coming back Big Cartel has seemed so lonely and dull by comparison. I might not be such a recluse after all!

See you there! Ren x

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