Cleaning up the Potty Shed....

Above is our much used but very neglected Potty Shed. It is our little retreat in our vegetable garden. Somewhere to; escape from the sun, the telephone, the children (occasionally!), store seeds, brew tea, fiddle with the guitar, pile masses of rubbish into...... break the world record for the biggest cobwebs.

You know the type of place!

Whereas last weekend was spent decorating my workroom, the previous weekend had been spent starting the BIG clean in the potty shed. We hoiked it all out, swept it out, and sorted it out! Note the obligatory tea tray.... I refuse to work without tea close by....

We now have a reclaimed sink in here for washing up! Mod cons! Its wonderful and has made early morning tea much nicer when there is somewhere clean and green to go.

The one area we have not tackled, well two actually, is a set of shelves behind the door and a big platform showing in the bottom of the top picture. These two areas are in the lean too part which is open fronted. We plan to clean the platform, lower it and throw a load of bedding on it for the Summer and sleep up here as much as possible. Easier than putting the tent up and I love sleeping surrounded by outside! We slept in a lean too for a whole Summer once up till October, complete with toads under our bed...... it was a summer of thunder storms.

The shelves are full of old unused tiles and paint. I plan to take this with a load of other bits to our local recycling centre. One mans rubbish is another mans treasure.....
Where has the sun gone????
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