Claris, faces and teacups...

Last night I crocheted like a mad woman to restart the CLARIS jumper. I took lots of pictures so that the tutorial can show how to actually work certain parts. I am not going to know if my ideas for this will actually work out as envisaged, so please excuse me if it all goes pear shaped on the way! I have hopes that its going to be a really pretty and quick make. In aran yarn with a 6mm hook its super fast :)

Piles of freshly cut shoes ready for stitching. It looks like a little face in there. Can you see it?

Yesterday was a giant toadstool teacup kind of day. Today is an umbrella and wellie boot type of day. Its so grey and wet out there, and jolly cold inside too. I want to light a fire, but we took both fires out of the house a week ago so thats not possible! Our replacement woodburner with boiler which will replace the Rayburn arrived this morning, woo hoo.

The fires changing heralds even more reshuffling in the Fairysteps house. Which in turn means more decorating for me :) We are swapping two rooms in the house which will mean major upheaval because one of the rooms is my studio. But, its okay. Im getting an even bigger studio and the sitting room will be moved to the sunniest, warmest room in the house (currently my studio). I forsee the chance to have a complete change colourwise. Lots of work and expense, but all very exciting. I start moving all my books this weekend... Sent about 6 bin bags full to bookcycle already, but there will be more :)

Ren x
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