Christmas cakes, and lists that are too long.....

Cake making.... all set up and ready to go!

The kitchen table was scrubbed and filled with all the goody ingredients. I didnt start until after lunchtime so the last big cake did not decide to finish cooking until nearly 10 oclock at night! mind you it was over 3 lb in weight. I was getting fed up going to the oven to check it come finish and told it in no uncertain terms that it was going to be chicken food if it didnt b***** well hurry up and cook!!
We made so many Ive nearly lost count.... About 9 I think, including a rather delicious sponge stuffed with gooseberry jam and buttercream.

Head being full of cold and because I had long oustanding computer work to tidy up I stayed up all night.... 10 hours of editing till my finger wouldnt click another click! But I did crawl into bed with my hotty wotty botty at just after 5 this morning for 2 hours sleep. I now look like Ive been buried, left to 'settle' for a fortnight and then dug up again. Yep, thats a pretty fair description!

Middle tiddlywink has a new friend visiting tommorow with her pony so great excitement..... its made me look at the rubbish tip that we live in (masquerading as a house) and made me think I had better start cleaning.

List of to do's for today.....
  • Bag up and make christmas gift labels for all of the cakes.
  • Wash dishes, clean kitchen.
  • Sort out shopping list money (I get shopping for my Mum and she pays me after).
  • Knit the second mitten......
  • Fold and pack away two enormous trugs of clean washing.
  • Cook tea.
  • Blow my nose a million times.
  • Dip my whole head in a bucket of vaseline to help counteract the sore lips and nose which are cracking if I smile.
  • Looking at this list, I will NOT smile all day.
  • Reading and writing with tiny tiddlywink.
  • Wrap some presents later (havent touched one yet.....).
  • Collapse.....
  • Early night to make up for lack of a night, last night!

So this is probably my last blog... because Im going to die of exhaustion at about 6 oclock tonight.

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