Childhood Summer revisited...

Straight back to age 6 when the great drought of 1976 happened...

The grass is tinder dry and we are rather feared of fire. Fires in various parts of the country already :( so we are being extra vigilant.

Late evening trip down to the river to swim. Well... they did, I didnt... Im a terrible wuss about water ;) 

Youngest had little fish nibbling her toes which was tickly. How lovely :)

Winky and Jack are keeping busy, catching sunshine, ticks and fleas. I shaved Winky at the start of the Summer and my goodness, just as well I did! She looked like she'd had a fight with a shaver (which she sort of did...) but she loves being fur coat free. It got so long and knotty with sticky burrs etc and the comb was hurting, so shaving was the only option really. I left her wonderful Elizabethan ruff, because removing it would have been A Step Too Far.

The meadow is ringing with the sound of grasshoppers playing their legs.

Busy purse replenishing with Mr F. Lots of new Merry purses going in the shop ready for Winter and gift giving. This is the first batch. There will be greens in the third batch, followed by purples and reds. Great with a ragglebloom key fob.

This was my favourite. It had hot summer written all over it.

Take care my dears and drink plenty of tea.
Ren x

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