Catching up with the draining board....

Im going to talk about something that has NOTHING to do with fairy shoes now..... theres a change! Isnt it great getting jobs finished that have hung around for years not getting done! Mr Fairysteps built us a beautiful kitchen, sort of not fitted sums it up best. I love it! My poor wooden draining board was made by my husband from Ash timber which came from a tree felled by my father shortly after I was born..... quite nice bit of history there for me to ponder on when Im washing up.... the old china sink was being used as a cattle water feeder in a field..... It bears the scars are decades of use by countless women before me. I wander what they thought about when they were washing up? I very stupidly varnished my draining board and as it has chipped and warped over the years the water went under the varnish and has caused black staining where its beginning to rot. Eeek! A strip down and a good oil was needed. Next problem was when could I ever stop washing dishes for long enough to do this and put it out of action for a whole day to get the job done? I did it on Saturday..... it looks wonderful.... I am so chuffed.....! Theres a wonderful quote at the beginning of the 'Shelter' book by Lloyd Kahn.. "If in doubt, start".
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