Caravan update... Bobby Pea

Talk about hideous... here's the long overdue update about the little caravan we bought back in March for the grand sum of £170... Bobby Pea, soon to be renamed. I was thinking Primrose but quite honestly Carrievan fits quite well!

Middlest and Littlest pulled out its innards with the help of Daddy. What a lot of plasticky rubbish in there!

The huge front window was full of water so Mr Fairysteps had to take it out and investigate...

Not good... the window frame was black with rot. This picture shows a good patch!!! There was major gloom setting in at this point...

Heres the corner shower being removed, along with all of the electrics which we wont be using. Middlest then set too with white kitchen and bathroom paint and transformed the interior. The cupboards are bright blue now and jade green. I plan to finish off with custard yellow and poppy red.

Here is the new plated window hole! It hasnt made that much difference to the light inside! It has also since been primed ready for painting. We plan to bring it down into the yard this weekend for me to carry on with the inside and to get the outside painted. Im tempted to paint roses (canal boat style) around the doorway... we shall see!

Its ongoing, but we are getting close to the end. Holiday in a few weeks here we come!!

Ren x
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