Can you believe its nearly Christmas?

No neither can I, but it will be very soon. Im not sure where the last year has gone, but its gone. Possibly just as well with all that's been going on. Its been a strange one to say the least.
I think my highlight was recreating our wedding from 30 years ago. Same chap, same dress, same church, same gate. This time our three beautiful children were with us.
It was during lockdown so strictly speaking we shouldn't have been there. But, we saw no one, we were all living together anyway, and the 12th May exactly 30 years on was only going to come but once.
Our children made the day so special and my Littlest (there in the middle) cooked us the most delicious three course meal complete with a spectacular fresh cream and berry cake. I wore my wedding dress all day and felt like a Queen.
The May was in full blossom, the sun shone all day long and I felt so full of love that I am quite sure my feet only just touched the ground. Magical memories in the midst of mayhem x
Ren x
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