Camping in November...

Me in reflective mood earlier today. Post boot pattern making, pre boot marking. Hair washed earlier, but unbrushed. How slovenly of me, but, the leather never notices the state of my hair, so preening was going to wait till later. My head has been bursting with boots so I've been keen to crack on.

PYRAMUS from earlier in the week. 

Lovely LUNA in waxy coffee leather.

More PYRAMUS which are in the shop :)

Earlier in the week saw me working on the prototype PEASEBLOSSOM calf boot. Round toe shape, wide tongue and a roomy boot body to fit boot socks or wider calf's with tights. I did some major pattern tweaking on these, which in my head worked a treat, but on paper they looked ridiculous. That's the problem with shoe making. You are dealing with a 3D object (the foot) which you make a 2D pattern for. I snipped and sewed anyway, and then cried (literally) because it worked perfectly. Who knew making a boot could be so emotional...

I wanted these to be easy to pop on and not require total unlacing. Happy to report that the wide tops and tongue mean that you can unlace just the top set and slip the boot off.
Someone commented that ski hooks are great for speed lacing, but alas, I once heard a rather dreadful story about ski hooks on tall boots and it completely put me off using them. Someones lace got hooked up from boot to the other, while she was rushing about carrying a little one, and well, you can imagine how hard she fell... gulp. Lacing is good. Time to stop and reflect on the coming day for an extra minute :)

I managed to mark out about 8 pairs of boots today so was really pleased with myself. I only stopped because I must cook tea...

Home, out across the Coombe taken yesterday before it was too dimpsy to see. A deer run heading down to the river. Difficult to see from this image, but incredibly steep and a long way down to the bottom of the valley. I remember when the children would follow deer runs to the bottom and back up again. Happy memories.

Working this weekend because next week has Friday missing and we are going away for the weekend. Those of you who reprimand me for not taking time off (thank you for caring my darlings), will be pleased to hear about this excursion... or horrified. Let me present the facts...
Friday is being spent all day for more inking torture. I use that word quite liberally because its upper back work, and anyone who has had work on their upper back will know Exactly What I am on About. I've got 6 hours booked in...
We then have a three hour drive to a field somewhere (?) to meet up with Mr Faerysteps bike group to spend the weekend camping. In November. Yep. I will arrive covered in cling wrap looking like a squid ink baguette from Subway and aching like mad. 
This will either be utter folly and most likely end in our demise (November chaps, November...), or be a great adventure and one to remember. If I return on Sunday, I'll let you know ;)

Ren x
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