Cabbages and roses

Is'nt it fabulous! I had to share this image. A cabbage is basically an enormous green rose that you can eat when you have finished admiring its beauty.

Why do people always seem to run them down as being the next yuckiest veg to sprouts, and whats wrong with sprouts?????? This was a rogue one that crept into the greenhouse, so stealthily that no one noticed until it was too late..... We will of course have to cut him down and gobble him up, as is the way with all cabbage lovers. My Husband took me to the greenhouse just to show me how beautiful the cabbage had grown, which was rather romantic in a veg patchy sort of way! He knew I would appreciate its beauty as much as he did. Alas, he will end up lightly steamed with butter and caraway seeds....... (the cabbage that is, not my Husband, he still hasn't mended the hole in the kitchen ceiling).
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