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At last I hear you sigh! Custom styles I can order in my size and colour! 

Ive had a right job and a half sorting out how to proceed with balancing custom and stock within Fairysteps and still be able to get up smiling! This morning I got up and headed to my workshop smiling :)

We are offering our most adaptable, popular styles, choosing from each collection. We have a range of 12 repeatable, heavenly colours ranging from natural to brights, all in very useable hues. We are going to offer 9 UK sizes! So many requests for larger sizes, so styles are offered from UK 2 to UK 10 (thats a US 12). The styles chosen are also the most adaptable across many widths, so although they are made as a standard UK D width fitting, the design allows the shoes to cover a wider range of widths very comfortably.

We are also bringing down the waiting time to 8 weeks, so you won’t be waiting forever for your new treasures to arrive and take you on adventures.

Just have to ask… please don’t beg for a different style, as I am afraid I will have to say no… I am sorry… sad face :(

These listing will occassionally close when our order books fill up, and will stay in the shop, but they will show as COMING SOON. Do look out for updates on Facebooks if this happens.

ONE LAST IMPORTANT NOTE… This is personal, and I really wasnt sure if I wanted to announce this, but I feel I have no choice, so here goes…

It would appear I am broken, and will need an operation to mend me! I am booked into hospital on the 24th March and have been told that I should not work for 6 weeks minimum, with no lifting at all during that time. This rather scuppers my usual whirlwind plans for my working weeks doesnt it! Mr Fairysteps and myself have been working our socks off to get a big batch of shoes ready before this date to keep you all occupied during the recovery time! So… if anyone is interested in the current custom listings, just a word of warning that they will be closed when Ive reached the limit of what I can physically complete before my op! I shall reopen them after my recovery date has passed. Once mended I should be bouncing off the walls with energy… so don’t worry, it won’t be long before everything is back to normal!

As ever, thank you x

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