By Unknown on 2013-11-10


What a week! The house has been full of coughs and colds, and much to do!

Carpenter Son… yes I can say that now, has completed his apprenticeship and is now a qualified Carpenter. Im so proud! Its been a long 3 years. He has a lifetime now ahead working with a material he loves. Im so pleased for him. He created this mess shown in last image… Im reminding myself that out of chaos comes order…! Under the sink looks awful with the cupboard removed, damp in there i think. I pannelled this toilet years ago and have to say that woodwork is NOT my forte. Its been a long time overdue getting the toilet sorted ready for shelving and redecorating. Im visualising black and white checked Lino in here too…

The second image shows a ton of work sorting and shifting and deliberating. Littlest and I moved all the sewing and craft bits into Mr Fs old workshop during the Summer and for a few months it was bliss out there… but, since the onslaught of Autumn it has become damp and cold, and alas we can see that precious materials will be ruined before long if they stay out there. We moved the new shelves into the land of Spare Ooom and have been busy all weekend filling them. Im trying to sort sewing down one side and wool down the other. Its snug but feels good knowing where it all is!

And on that note I had better get back to it sharpish! Work tomorrow… Im desperate to get some stock boots made soon.

Ren x

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