Busy bee...

What a busy week its been! Mr F and I had our first proper test week of working together... it was wonderful and proved to be a good motivation to me! This dull weather is so depressing! Im longing for brighter days and warmth and long evenings...

The colours Ive been cutting have been cheerful though! Im happy to see a rhythm developing where I can have batches of shoes completed on a weekly basis!

And its because of this that we will be leaving the shoe shop open for orders from 1st February! Im so excited about this!!!! I know its been very frustrating for any of you who kept missing a space so Im hoping this will be better. Im expecting an initial flood and then hoping that it will gradually become a manageable trickle! As and when we feel the orders are more than we can manage to keep up with (only human and all that), we will temporarily close the shop for a few weeks until we have caught up again! Simple!!! It may not work BUT its worth a try!

And on the knitting front...

I am now on the last sleeve of my jumper which I started at Christmas. Its soft, plain and rather lovely! Im thinking of a double band of charcoal on the deep ribbed neck for a smidge of interest... we shall see!

Off to my aunties and uncles tonight with the family which is a treat, especially as I am hoping both of my cousins will be there too. Had a wonderful evening with best friend last night...

And in Fairysteps land today at this moment in time:
Mr F is plucking pheasants... Eldest is muck spreading... Middlest is taking her CBT test so we can buy her a motorbike for getting to work... and Littlest is making gingerbread men!

What shall I do?

Ren x
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