Bristol, Nerves aplenty and the Molly Weasley coat...

Just finished making this knee length jacket (aran weight) 2 nights ago. Its been my ‘in between’ project since finishing the last double blanket a couple of weeks ago. Pure 70s! I love it. I made another one in turquoise / grey last year but forgot to share it. The children seem to snaffle it about the house when its chilly of an evening. Self drafted pattern, crocheted on the wing ;)

Very pleased with the collar.

I’ve runaway today. Up at 6:30 to get to the train station. I’m off to Bristol to visit Middlest.

Taunton station. I am officially a tourist as I’ve left Devon!

Right chaps… how do you cope with nerves? I’ve been on the train 15 minutes and feel sick as a pig. My ‘bubble’ is being somewhat crushed in here… I sound a right fruit cake! Oh hang on a minute, that’s right, I am a right fruit cake… ;) phew… will be better when I’m back under supervision with one of the children :)

This is how happy I feel :) I’m 46 years old and I’ve never been on a train by myself or bought a ticket ever! Children always look after me because I go to bits in crowds. I’m wearing my new crochet jacket and am very aware I look like Molly Weasley sat on this bench… not a bad look though ;) I have yarn and a tiny hook and 2 hours of travel today to make something.

My darling girl x She pedalled like a woman possessed to meet me off the train so that I wasnt left alone. Arriving dripping with sweat and beaming because her Mumma was there. In Bristol, right there and within hugging distance. I am so lucky to be a Mother.

Went to a fabulous cafe called the rainbow cafe in Bristol and had tea. It was covered in crochet, and quite honestly bearing in mind what I was wearing I was lucky I didn’t get mistaken for a squishy armchair and sat on ;)

Even the teapots were rainbows :) That concludes the great train adventure. After sharing it on instagram and facebook I was humbled and grateful for all the wonderful words of support for a nervous wreck. I am not alone. We are never alone... nighty night all x
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