Boots in the pipeline... and biscuits... and anniversary...

Dont you love homemade biscuits.... a little picture from the Fairysteps kitchen to share with you. Do you know today is my 2 years blogging anniversary... where did all that time go?
Just a quickie post to let everyone know that
I have started cutting fairy shoes and boots. And they are nearly all off of my suggestions wall so some of you out there will be rather chuffed with this! Ive decided to stick to one specific size for each batch. This batch that I am working on are all UK SIZE 5 in the current styles and colours.

QUINCE - Larch green smooth uppers, rust nubuck insoles, chocolate satin ribbons.
QUINCE - Chocolate grained uppers, chocolate nubuck insoles, chocolate satin ribbons.
QUINCE - Nightshade uppers, elderberry nubuck insoles, plum satin ribbons.

PUCK - Nightshade uppers, elderberry nubuck insoles, plum satin ribbons.
PUCK - Peat smooth uppers, chocolate nubuck insoles, chocolate ribbons satin ribbons.
PUCK - Peanut butter pull up nubuck uppers, Olive grained nubuck insoles, Olive satin ribbons.

QUEENIE - Nightshade smooth uppers, salmon nubuck insoles, salmon organza ribbons.
QUEENIE - Peanut butter pull up nubuck uppers, peanut butter nubuck insoles, old gold satin ribbons.
QUEENIE - Chocolate grained uppers, chocolate nubuck insoles, chocolate satin ribbons.

MUSTARDSEED fairy boots - Ivy green pull up body and backstrap with peanut butter sides, peanut butter nubuck insoles, ivy green velvet ribbons.
MUSTARDSEED fairy boots - Bark patterned body and backstrap with conker brown smooth sides, rust nubuck insoles, brown velvet ribbons.
MUSTARDSEED fairy boots - Larch green smooth body and backstrap with larch grained nubuck sides, peanut butter nubuck insoles, ivy green velvet ribbons.
Soooo excited to see these beauties once they are finished. Most especially the fairy boots. Updates as soon as they escape from the workshop.....
Last notes:

  • The new sewing machine has arrived. I went for a Toyota again as the last one lasted since 1976... Ive been so busy though that I havent even opened the box... I may leave that to the children to do. I am looking forward to getting back to some sewing sunday adventures though.

  • Made lots of green bean chutney the night before last.

  • Cleaned my kitchen ready to paint...

  • Going to pick blueberries, damsons, blackcurrants and plums to make a mixed fruit jam this afternoon. Im calling it black jam on account of the colours... plus we pick the apple crop today and the rest of the plums.

  • Lighting the fire and cooking up in the garden tonight whilst gazing heavenward for shooting stars. 'They' are having venison from the woods, Im having bean burgers and boiled potatoes with runner beans. Not sure how many more runner beans I can take????

Im smiling... hope you are too.
Ren x
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